The book that taught me everything about light.

How to get better a lighting your photos ? By understanding light, or like Joe McNally says, trying to see the light. I think I picked up the book Light Science & Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting well over 10 years ago. Unfortunately I lost my first edition hard copy, well, somebody never returned it to me. But I have the ebook version and sometimes I’ll still skim through it again.

It is hands down the most boring technical book about light, but it is so brilliant and good. It has taught me everything I needed to know on how to understand light, how to use it, how to change it. It is aimed at product photography. It helps you better understand how surfaces react and teaches you to learn to solve your problems. There is not a single picture in there with a watch but it has chapters that touches upon materials like steel or glass … that sounds like a watch to me … ’nuff’ said right ?

This book is available on amazon as ebook, hardcover or paperback.

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