Hi, I’m Tom 

I’m not really a fish. Before lockdown I was a full time wedding photographer. I loved being part of those special days, and I loved to travel.  I’m also a watch enthusiast. And somebody who likes to share knowledge. At the end of 2020  I’d figure I would stop bugging my friends with wristshots via whatsapp and I started this BowlOfSalmon instagram account. Things escalated rather quickly from there….

Carving a new niche

It took me while to grasp what happened. The positive feedback from the community, the growth in followers & interaction,  the interest of brands toward my photography, it was all very humbling.  Along with some new watch arrivals,  new opportunities presented itself.


Fast forward a couple of months and BowlOfSalmon Photography is now offering professional photo & video services to help brands promote their products. These services are separated from any social media “influencing”  on my page. 


The fish behind the BowlOfSalmon instagram page will keep doing what he loves on instagram, it will remain my playground. My watches (or watches I really want …) and watch related products that spark my interest. Bringing content for the #watchfam… And yes, the occasional freebie strap would still be in there … but ssshtt.

Get in touch

    From product photography to creating video commercials or good looking instagram reels showcasing your products in the best possible light *phun intended*.  Let me know how I can help.  Do shoot me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Lets talk soon,