How to size your NATO strap

How to punch an extra hole in your natro strap ?

Tools required:
A piercing tool and a lighter.

For piercing the extra hole you can use either a belt hole puncher or the piercer itself.

First, pierce an extra hole in the belt using the belt puncher. Alternatively you can use the piercer itself, (choose to start from the side of the strap that hits your wrist). After this we will want to stop the threads from raffling by melting them to create a smooth seal.

Put the piercer trough, heat up the tip of the tool (ideally heat it up first but it’s easier to burn your fingers like that) and you should see the fabric around the hole start to melt. You can quickly go over the excess with a lighter too. Quickly is the key word here.

That’s it, we are done!

TIP: If you want to pierce the fabric with the piercing tool you can heat the tip first so it melts the fabric around it right away

How to go from a double pass nato to a single pass nato ?

Sometimes two layers of fabric between your skin and the watch will make for to much of a wobble.  If I can’t find the single pass nator color I really wanted in the first place this is what I do.

Tools required: Scissors and lighter.

Warning: Double pass NATO serve a specific purpose. They will help catch your watch and prevent it from dropping to the floor if one of the springbars decide to go … so think twice before you apply this technique.. and always use proper springbars.


Cut the short part of your nato strap off close to stitches just so you have a couple of mm’s left. (don’t cut the stitches) Use a lighter to quickly go over the cut part so all the nylon threads melt and seal. This will stop the fabric from raffling and make them feel smooth on the wrist.

How to shorten your nato strap ?

Tools required: Scissors, 2 coins, sharpie,  pliers and a lighter.

If like me, you are not a fan of the excess foldover strap you can cut your nato to size.

Using the shape of the coin draw the marker where you want to cut with a sharpie. Cut the fabric. Now, I told you you needed two coins… line-up a coin on either side of the strap where you made the cut.  Hold them with pliers and use your lighter to melt the edges. This will protect your fabric from scorching or melting too much ..

line up the coins to draw a line or cut immediately
line up the coins to the edges
melt the edges

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